Servings: 30

  • Cardiovascular and immune support*
  • Live-source formula featuring allicin (organosulfur immune compound)*
  • Naturally occurring compounds alliin and S-allyl cysteine
  • Contains Allicin OrganoSulfur Complex™ with wild bear garlic (may promote cleansing and support against heavy metals)*

Allicidin® provides concentrated amounts of allicin from garlic extract to help promote healthy immune support. Concentrated allicin is the result of a process which produces living-source allicin from pure garlic extract. Allicin is not garlic – but the potent, active factor in garlic in concentrated form. This formula delivers European wild garlic, called Bear Garlic, the original non-hybrid garlic (not kitchen garlic) used for thousands of years. It also contains a full spectrum of botanical agents and their naturally occurring phytonutrients to create an optimal nutritional effect.

When raw garlic cloves are crushed, chopped, or chewed, an enzyme known as Alliinase is released. Alliinase catalyzes the formation of sulfenic acids from cysteine sulfoxides. Sulfenic acids spontaneously react with each other to form unstable compounds called thiosulfinates. In the case of alliin, the resulting sulfenic acids react with each other to form a thiosulfinate known as allicin. This is what gives garlic extract with high allicin content its broad spectrum immune support and immunomodulating properties.


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